About Ashley

Ashley is devoted to bringing joy and creativity to movement. A certified Black Belt Instructor, she has been teaching Nia in Durango for five years, and practicing for nine.  She believes dancing and moving are a human birthright; an innate expression and medicine that we all possess. As a young girl dancing ballet, tap, and jazz, and as a young new mom stepping into her first Nia class, she has connected with this power of movement on a deep personal level. She loves the philosophy and practice of Nia because it is sensible, fun, and it’s a great workout. As a Nia teacher, she is honored to share in the evolution of students, supporting  the expression of the Joy of Movement that we all embody. Ashley is mother of two teenagers, a Boston Terrier, and teaches at Durango Montessori School.


"Dance first, think later...It's the natural progression".  -unknown

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