Move, Express, Feel

About Nia

Nia is designed to heal and condition the whole body, blending modalities from the martial arts (tai chi, aikido, tae kwon do) dance arts (modern, jazz, duncan dance) and healing arts (yoga, The Work of Moshe Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique).

Nia is balanced in Yin and Yang energy; soft and gentle as well as powerful and explosive. 

Based on 52 unique moves the Nia Technique follows the natural design and function of The Body's Way. 

Gainflexibility, mobility, strength, agility and stability through Nia.

Through Movement We Find Health 

Evonne Nia Black Belt Instructor
Ashley Hill Nia Black Belt Instructor

"As long as you feel inspired your life is being well spent."

- Hugh MacLead

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