About Evonne

Evonne brings 25 years of devotion to her Nia practice. As a dance enthusiast her whole life Nia was the perfect fit of expression, connection, empowerment, healing and movement. Evonne discovered Nia in Austin Tx in college after feeling disenchanted with traditional dance classes. Nia provided an outlet for dance, expression and healing. Evonne’s personal journey with Nia has been a constant unfolding into personal power, expression andseeking deeper awareness with the moving body and its potential to heal and transform everybody. She continues to enjoy and explore other movement forms of dance and healing modalities that enhance awareness and transformation. Evonne believes when the body is given the voice of sensation it has the potential to transform and heal itself. Evonne is dedicated to the practice of Nia and teaches Nia to bring the passion of dance and the mindfulness of the healing body to everybody.

"Underneath it all, we are wild and we know it."

- Reggie Ray, Buddist Scholar

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